Saturday, November 3, 2012

Last Thoughts Before the Election

 "If you can keep your head in the midst of all this confusion, then
you don't understand the situation"

 I am not the smartest guy in the world. I don't have the time or
motivation to study every issue in this election to the core of it's
depth. I've never been very public about my political views in the
past, but several factors have led me recently to become more vocal.
One is my age.
Bob Dylan has been a spokesman for many generations for many of us.
He recently wrote one of the most powerful lines for people my age.
"I used to care, but things have changed." I took this not to mean
that he doesn't care about issues anymore, but the issues he cares
about have changed. I know mine have.
That said, I am conflicted to some degree about what is most
important in regard to the upcoming election. My spiritual side says
rightfully that all things are in the care and control of God. But
as a citizen of this world as well as a citizen of heaven, I have
another side that says that I have a responsibility to do my part in
the affairs of the world.

I do care about what kind of world my children and grandchildren
will live in. One day I will be gone but they will live on.
The choice I make in this election is more important for them than
it is for me.

Some might say that it's not really going to do anything but buy a
little time, and they may well be right. Who really knows what God's
ultimate plan for the destiny of this country is at this point? Maybe
it is His will that we would fail as a country, and open up a way for
final prophecies to be fulfilled. I know I don't know, but I don't believe 

I can think that way. I am convinced I have to do what I believe is right 
at this point, and that God will sort it all out prophetically. Some people 
say that no matter what the outcome of the election, it will be God's will. 
To believe that I would have to believe that God's choice for Germany
was Hitler. (BTW, I'm not comparing either candidate to Hitler. It's
just our best example of unrighteous leadership.) Maybe it was, in
some way of Gods ultimate knowledge and purpose in the affairs of
man. I can't process that in the limitations of my human mind. I
can't even go there. If that was somehow God's will, I'll just have
to find out when I get to heaven and hear it from Him how it all
worked together for good. So for now, I'm just limited to what I'm able to 

do in my human capacity. I do not want my country to fail. If it does and it's 
part of God's will then that's His business.

From what I gather on Facebook and other places where I read, many
people are most concerned about one single issue: the economy.   

 While the economy is important, many issues are more important in
regard to the ultimate destiny not only of our country but in this

Here's my list of most important issues:

 Being pro-Israel
 Marriage be defined as a union of a man and a woman
 Appointments to the Supreme Court
 Being anti-radical Islam

 That's enough for starters.

 Some would rightfully argue that neither candidate would stand for
all of these issues. The candidates are human. They are fallible. No
matter who is elected there will be broken promises. There will be
some failures. The truth is that no man or men can fix this country or this world.
This is where the higher viewpoint actually does come into play,
that in the end God will have His way.

 On the human level, this is a battle between darkness and light,
good and evil. On one hand we can't just throw this country away and
say it's all in Gods hands and it doesn't matter.
 On the other hand one can't believe that just because we vote in the
candidate of our choice, it will save the world. We can only do what we can do. We must endeavor to vote righteously, prayerfully, and consider at least the issues that I mentioned

Let's vote!

I want to also say that the courage of fellow musicians Danny
Daniels, John Michael Talbot, Carol Owens, Jamie Owens, Steve Camp.
Pat Boone, Mari Falcone (a truly righteous scrapper), and others I'm
sure I'm forgetting have bolstered my own courage. My thanks to them.
 "Let the eagle fly again" "God bless America"