Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Project Update


So much has been happening lately, that a blog is in order to update everyone interested in all things Love Song - Girard.

Love Song:

Original tapes on all 3 projects (“Love Song”, “Final Touch”, and the live “Feel the Love” albums) .have been re-mastered at one of the finest labs in the world, Mastering Lab, owned by Dog Sax. Friend and world-class recording engineer Bill Schnee assisted Tommy Coomes and myself in “dialing it in”. The drum solo has been re-included in the live album, which will mark the first time that there has been a full digitally re-mastered version of that album.

A deluxe box set is being planned for release early next year. It will include remastered versions of the 3 albums, and planned is a ”bonus” cd of what we called the “Livingroom Tapes”, This is a recording of most of our catalog done in someone’s livingroom, circa 1970-71, gathered around an old 2 track reel-to-reel tape machine with that classic “slap echo” that was built into the machine. These versions are completely “unplugged”. No drums, no overdubs, and performed just a few weeks after we got born again. There may be some other bonus materials as well.

We are considering a fifth disc for the box set, that might be a DVD of a1973 concert we did in San Antonio. This disc has already been technically restored, but we are going to do some minor editing to the existing version, to tighten things up a bit. Other option for a fifth disc are also being explored.

We are considering producing a short Quicktime type video which will tell the story of the making of each album with audio quotes from the band members, and vintage photos and footage. We are awaiting the fate of some a 40 year old 16 mm film footage taken of our whole driving trip and experience of Explo ’72, which has never even been developed. It is being worked on by one of the finest labs in the country to see if it can be restored. If we can accomplish this these videos will be added to the individual cds as ”enhanced CDs”.

The box set will also include an extensive booklet, filled with never before seen pictures, culled from hundreds which have been recently digitized from old film strips and slides. Tommy and I have had a ball going through them, cherry picking the best ones.

Single releases of the 3 main albums will occur shortly after or simultaneously with the box set. Look for this somewhere in the first quarter or 2010.

TOURING: There is serious talk if a tour of some sort being mounted in 2010. Right now we are thinking of testing the waters with some local to Southern California Calvary Chapel dates. Pastor Chuck Smith is excited to accompany us on selected dates (selected by him) where he would introduce us and give the invitation at the end. If response warrants, we would then go wider, and might actually wind up doing some extensive touring, should this appear to have the stamp of approval from the Lord.

Other long range ideas we are exploring include a video of the history of Love Song and early Calvary. A few weeks ago, all members of the band and Chuck Smith sat around on the platform at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (CCCM), and reminisced for 3 hours while the cameras rolled. We are planning to edit these tapes slightly, and insert amazing rare photos, footage and other visuals to present a first hand history of the early days of CCCM, Love Song, and the Jesus Movement.

Moving along to:



Basic tracks are all recorded, and the piano and “sweetening” layers are almost finished. Kristin flies in to Nashville toward the end of the month to start lead vocals and be here for the guitar overdubs. The tracks will at that time be basically finished. Vocal overdubs will then commence, and photo shoot for the cover etc., will also be in progress.

Lyrically, the album is leaning toward worship. The blend of the vocal harmonies is going to be nothing short of amazing. This album will transcend age demographics, and be something young and old alike will enjoy.. I think it will be a real crowd-pleaser.

Alisa wrote more about this in greater detail. Check it out here: http://alisachilders.blogspot.com/2009/10/big-announcement.html


I have also started a new studio album, my first since 1991, “Fire & Light”. Of course I have produced the 2 worship albums and the Christmas album in the interim, but the worship albums were more of a “live” affair, and the Christmas album was all me. I am only starting with 2 songs right now, so as not to clog the pipes with too much stuff going on at once. I am favoring a new patriotic call-to-arms song, which is very timely in light of the state of our country right now, and a repentance song which has received some interest from some parties who might want to promote it to radio, etc. After the Girls album is done, I will seek the steps to finish my album. I ordinarily do not re-cut my songs, but a young band in Australia who backed me on a DVD shoot down there last couple years, came up with an amazing U2-ish treatment of “Blessed be The Name Of My Rock”, which cries to be recorded. This arrangement practically reinvents the song, and will be a cut on the new album.

In the mid-90s, my first solo album “Chuck Girard”, was released on CD, digitally re-mastered. I recently obtained the digital re-masters of my other 4 albums from that era, and will be releasing all the older albums on iTunes soon. (Soon being possibly by the end of the year). When I can afford to pay for repackaging the CDs, I will also be releasing CDs of all the albums. That will include:

Chuck Girard

Glow In The Dark

Written On The Wind

Take It Easy

The Stand.

These albums have been available for some time on my web site, but they have been home-made affairs, and 3 of the albums were mastered from vinyl. Despite excellent noise removal software, they still have a few LP clicks and some splattering “S”s in spots. They are excellent despite coming from vinyl. However, the new releases will mark the first time my catalog has been available with masters from the original tapes. By the way, no one needs to feel cheated, as these earlier homemade versions were as good as we could offer, and we used excellent professional quality audio blanks, not over-the-counter blanks from Best Buy or whatever.

CCCM also will be releasing a “best of” soon, songs to be chosen by me.

So as you can imagine, life has been busy, and we are excited to see what the Lord has planned for these old war horses, as He may call us back into the front line. If you are not my Facebook friend yet, please friend me. I am friend to all, and refuse no one. That way, you will be able to stay abreast of developments, as this has become the place for updates, as opposed to the “What’s New” section of my website, which rarely has anything new. Stay tuned…..